Abrasive Blasting Cabinet For Metal Part

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Rust / Corrosion Inhibitor
Industry Used:
Casting industry
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Place of Origin:
Shandong, China
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Sandblaster and Rust removing
Cleaning Process:
steel shot
Cleaning Type:
Clean-In-Place (CIP)
Metal / Coil, Casting steel
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Online support, Engineers available to service machinery overseas
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Construction works 
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500 Set/Sets per Year
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20'OP, 20'HQ, 40'OP, 40'HQ, etc.

   Abrasive Blasting Cabinet For Metal Part


shot blasting room is according to the customer's specific needs, for special custom. specially designed for cleaning of castings and small parts. Some accessories including automatic promotion platform, the nozzle of bearing device, the rotation of the large workpiece table and makes the equipment more human, even disabled the operator can operate. All floor mechanical pill special abrasive material recycling system is used for casting cleaning cycle system for thin wall castings conveying vibration conveyor, conveyor conveying system for large workpiece foot switch, can control the equipment of all movements, is suitable for various size of ascension, optional vibration discharging machine, when need to shot blasting workpiece internal, can choose replaceable special nozzle. It can be used to for a long time and high pressure operation, to ensure the uniform, high quality of the cleaning work. Sealing performance is good, work no leakage phenomenon.




The Abrasive Blasting Chamber are large-scale sand blasting booth and shot blasting booth integration engineering  




Abrasive Blasting Chamber are designed and fabricated according to the size requested by the customer.




The Abrasive Blasting Chamber may have one or two main doors for material access.




The structure of the Abrasive Blasting Chamber may consist either of steel walls or color sandwich panels with polyurethane insulation.




The internal walls of Abrasive Blasting Chamber are lined with wear-proof rubber.




The floor of Abrasive Blasting Chamber is made of steel grating which cover the automatic recovery system for abrasives.




The material of Abrasive Blasting Chamber handling can be done by trolleys or by overhead crane. The room includes pedestrian access doors, lighting system, fixed walkways or mobile platforms for the sand-blasting of the higher parts, manual shot-blasting unit, ventilation and dust extraction system, and self-cleaning dry cartridges dust collector.




The Abrasive Blasting Chamber unit is fitted with remote control and abrasive automatic loading, and is supplied complete with all the operator work and protection equipment.


 In case the customer has already an available room, we also can supply the design and the equipment to carry out the shot-blasting operation.




The Abrasive Blasting Chamber is widely used for manual shot-blasting of any kind of structure before painting in construction industries, marine etc.






The full process (Workpieces Put-in—Sand-blasting—Recovery—Screening—Dust Collector—Workpieces output) can be controlled automatically.




Sand-blasting treatment before coating is an essential procedure for ship building and repair sand blasting, container making, pipeline internal & external antiseptic treatment. 



1.General Description Of The Machine

The Q2610 flat car type manual shot-peening room is special equipment designed to meet specific process requirements. Through the shot-peening can remove the complex work piece surface contamination, the oxide skin, welding slag, the waste paint and so on, causes the work piece surface to be bright and clean, simultaneously reduce the work piece internal stress, enabls the work piece surface to obtain the strengthening, thus achieves enhances the work piece surface and the intrinsic quality goal.

2. Work environment

2.1 Power supply:               AC380V/3p   50HZ

2.2 Compressed air consumption:   6.3m3/min; 0.5-0.7MP

3. Structural characteristice

This machine is a special reciprocating flat car hand shot- peening machine, which consists of shot-peening chamber, shot-peening device, Screw Conveyor, elevator, separator, Shot distributing system, flat car system, flat car guide and support, lighting system, the bottom funnel, grid plate, dust- removing system, electric control system and so on


3.1Shot-peening system


The shot-peening system is equipped with 1 sets of shot peening device, 2 guns. We fully take into account the operation convenience of the workers, specifically increased the shot-peening chamber operating space, set lighting system and platform, so that workers can operate convenient, effective and comprehensive on piece parts for shot-peening. Lighting system adopt strict protection device, by the organic glass, protective shade and rubber curtains etc., open the rubber curtain when the workers manul shot peening cleaning. Shot device technology from Japan thick subway workers produced with the following characteristics.     


¯Automatic, On-line Refilling. Can achieve "automatic feeding, shot ball filled  automatically stop" feature


¯Using remote-control gun control, can realize automatic control. By the operating workers control the nozzle shot- peening or puffing gas. This can be used puffing gas to remova the surface dust after shot-peening; the other hand, can reduce labor intensity and guarantee operation security


¯Shot-peening powerful and stable. Used to long, continuous operation of high pressure to ensure uniform, high-quality cleaning


¯To obtain better Shot peening effect, we specially equipped with high efficiency nozzle, it is high efficiency, good abrasion resistance, long life, and it is the world's advanced products


¯Combinine electricity control and air control system, make the control more rapid, reliable and easy long-distance control


¯This machine equipped with shot peening special protective mask. Protective mask is made up of air filter, double layer composed of a helmet and protective clothing. Through the air filter (remove steam, oil vapor, iron rust, dust and other unpleasant                    


odors) of compressed air (air filter accuracy of 0.5um) slowly into the double helmet, allowing operators to get the right temperature, the fresh air and comfortable feeling, together with a broad view mask, greatly improving the working environment, and protect the health of operating workers.


3.2 Screw conveyor


The screws convey or consist of reducer, screw shaft, conveying Housing, rolling bearing with bases, etc. It is a kinds of standard abrasive/sand horizontal conveying device, is an important part of the abrasive recycling system of the blasting machine.


The screw conveyor is a serialized part of our company, with high universality and interchangeability, and stable and reliable performance. The whole screw shaft is machined after welding to guarantee the coaxialness.


3.3 Bucket Elevator


The bucket elevator consists of shaft-mounted speed reducer, upper and lower rolling barrel, transmission rubber belt, bucket elevator, enclosure and tightening device, etc.


The inlet opening of the elevator connects to screw conveyor, outlet opening connects to separator.




The enclosure of the elevator is welded after the bending and shaping, on sides of which there are inspection doors, to maintain and replace the buckets On the sides and front faces of the lower housing there are removable doors installed, to maintain the lower transmission and eliminated the abrasive blockage.


Centrifugal weight type shot discharging. During working, the buckets fixed on the conveying belt scrape the abrasive in the bottom, and then carry it to upper of the elevator, then discharge it depending on the centrifugal force.


The elevator equips with the regression preventing mechanism, to prevent it from reverse rotating when the power supply is accidentally cut off. Double rows of buckets, elevated the productivity, and prevented the belt from straying.


On the lower shaft of the elevator, there is impulse Wheel to detect the working status of the elevator. Once the PLC detects that the shaft is not rotating, it will act immediately and generate a fault alarming, to ensure the safe running of the device.


The elevating capacity has 10% spare. Since the elevator discharge the abrasive depending on the centrifugal force. Every discharging, there always is part of abrasive fall into the elevator, and then the elevating capacity should be correspondingly enlarged.


3.4 Shot /dust separator 


This machine adopts advanced Model BE full shutter type separator. The separator is mainly composed of airwash area, barrel sift, conveying screw, abrasive hopper, manual abrasive controlling valve.


This machine is developed by absorbing both George Fischer DISA in Switzerland and Pangborn Company in America, is the most advanced separator in our company.


The separator is the key part of this machine, its dimension of the airwash area directly affects the separating effect. If the separating effect is not ideal, the wear to the blades of the blast wheel will be quickened, and its life will be shortened. Furthermore, the maintenance cost will be increased significantly.


The working philosophy of the separator: the abrasive/sand compound that flows from the elevator will be carried into the barrel sift by the conveying screw. The barrel sift has inner and outer screws. During working, the inner screw transfers the large lump of sand or impurities to the dreg exhausting opening; the outer screw pushes the coarsely sifted abrasive/sand compound, to make it be well distributed along the whole length of the separator, and form a waterfall like shutter. Simultaneously, the dust-removing ventilator draws the air from the wind opening of the separator. Relying on the weight and airwash action, the good abrasive will be separated from the metal oxide scale, shattered abrasive, powder, etc. The large granule material flows out of the abrasive overflow opening, fine abrasive and powder will flow out of the waste opening, and the abrasive will enter abrasive hopper to be re-used. By adjusting the clearance of horizontal and vertical baffle, the thickness and track of the abrasive layer will be bettered, and together with adjusting the adjusting baffle in the sifting area, the good separating effect can be gained.


3.5 Shot distributing system


This machine adopts the patented shot valve produced of our company; it can accumulate a certain time in blast-peening, through the manual control to provide the shot ball to the blast-peening device.


3.6 Flat car system(made by user)


Flat car is made up of frames, driving shaft, passive shaft, reducer, steel mesh etc. To facilitate theball fall, non-slip, flatcar surface are bored and welded steel mesh in the above. Flat car driven by the decelerating mechanism, carrying the workpiece entered the shot-penning chamber. Winding cable with cable reels.


3.7 Dust-removing system


This machine adopts Cartridge or bag type dust collector , is exhausted air produced During working ,after treated by dust collector ,is Exhausted into the upper air, and the height ≥16m.the dedusting efficiency is up to 99.9%, powder density is less than 100mg/m3,much stricter than the national standard (GB16297-1966)


The power of the main ventilator of dust collector is 22 kW. This machine adopts ship ventilator technique, double-layer enclosure, and lined with noise-absorbing material, to lower the noise the material of cartridges of dust collector is Dolnaldson (America) product. With the combination of tiny hole film, at one hand improves the filtering performance, at the other hand contribute to eliminate the dust attaches on the cartridges. The cartridges can be easily replaceable. The life of the cartridges is 1-2 year.  


3.8 Electric control system


Q2610 Manual shot-peening room, main circuit adopts 3p AC 380V (±10%) 50Hz, and the control circuit adopts transformer isolated AC220V.


Set shot ball circulatory failure alarm function, if any parts of the system fails, the above components automatically stop running, to prevent the shot ball stuck and burning power device.


The shot-peening chamber inspection door and other inprotent part set interlocks device. If the inspection door of the shot-peening chamber is not closed, shot-peening device and other part cannot run.

The dust collector has back flushing technique


Mian Product

Our Services

1. Installation and commissioning issue:

We will send 1-2 technicians to assist with machine installation and commissioning, 

customer  pays for their tickets, hotel and diet, etc Customer need arrange

3-4 skilled worker and prepare insallation machinery and tools.

2. Warranty time:

12 months from date of commissioning completion,  but no more than 18 months from date of delivery.

3. Supply full English documents:

including foundation drawings, manual book, electric wiring diagram, electric manual book and maintenance book,etc.


Company Information

    Qingdao Puhua Heavy Industrial Group was established in 2006.It focus on design, research, development, manufacturing and export of sand blasting booths, sand processing equipment, environmental protection equipment, a variety of shot blasting machine, including roller conveyor type, overhead chain type, hook type, tumble belt type, wire mesh type, road surface type etc. All products are professionally designed by our highly-experienced engineers with Auto CAD.



Production process


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